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The cW Agenda: Spring 2022

The cW Agenda: Spring 2022

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WORKING TOGETHER: With the formation of a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), every cancer center in the U.S. must present a plan for enhancing diversity in faculty in order to maintain or receive NCI designation.


ANOTHER WAY: A Mayo Clinic study found that a quarter of primary care physicians prefer recommending stool-based tests over colonoscopies to test for colorectal cancer. The less-invasive procedure has led to screening rates rising.


THE SWEET SMELL: A smell receptor may also trigger breast cancer cells to metastasize through a pathway to the brain, bones and lungs. As research continues, there is potential to develop a preventative inhibitor that could prolong breast cancer warriors’ lives.


A REAL RESET: An Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center study found that melanoma immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab successfully treated advanced endometrial cancer warriors by “resetting” the body’s ability to fight.


IN THE FAMILY: The University of Cambridge found that faulty BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes also play a role in increased prostate and pancreatic cancers in men. Genetic testing is highly recommended for cancer prevention.


ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: Low-dose light therapy may accelerate the healing of radiation-damaged skin, according to a University at Buffalo study.

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7.A SAFE SHOT: Fox Chase Cancer Center has concluded that cancer warriors experience no additional side effects from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.


INSIDE MY DNA: A head and neck cancer warrior has become the first person to undergo testing of a new personalized cancer vaccine. The clinical trial utilizes a customized vaccine tailored to the individual’s DNA.


VEG OUT: An Oxford University study found that compared to regular meat-eaters, vegetarians have a 14 percent lower cancer risk. Pescatarians have a 10 percent reduced risk.

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