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The cW Agenda: Winter 2022

The cW Agenda: Winter 2022

All the news you need to know.

1.SIGNS OF THE TIMES: A new study involving over 24,000 pancreatic cancer patients identified previously unknown symptoms like thirst and dark urine may appear a year before diagnosis.

2.LOGGING ON: LUNGevity Foundation has launched Lung Cancer Patient Gateways, six platforms focused on various lung cancer types that allow warriors to locate resources for treatment and community. Access them at

3.TAKE A SHOT: Cleveland Clinic researchers have started a phase I trial for a triple-negative breast cancer vaccine, the first of its kind.

4.BOOSTED, BABY: A study by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is emphasizing the importance of blood cancer warriors getting more than two COVID-19 vaccines.

5.GETTING PERSONAL: A $2.1 million gift to UC San Diego Health initiative has paved the way for a comprehensive breast cancer database that will translate clinical data into novel personalized therapies for breast cancer warriors.

6.OPERATION CATCH-UP: A University of Birmingham study revealed that one in seven patients miss cancer surgery during COVID-19 lockdowns, leading researchers to urge for more resilient elective surgery systems.

7.WEAR AND TEAR: Researchers at Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center have learned that chronic stress can negatively impact treatment completion and survival for Black high-risk breast cancer warriors, and it may be a useful measurement to predict chemotherapy effectiveness.

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8.QUAD-DEMIC: Plan for virtual visits and preventative measures this winter for what health experts deem the “quad-demic” of flu, COVID-19, RSV and rhinoviruses—especially if you’re immunocompromised from cancer treatment.

9.HOT SPOTS: Ever wondered if you live in or near a cancer hot spot? Pro Publica’s “Poison in the Air” report utilizes data from the Environmental Protection Agency to create a new tox map searchable by location or ZIP code. Take a look at

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