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Super Clean Solutions

Super Clean Solutions

Introducing some of our favorite clean-beauty products that soften and revitalize skin of all types—for men, women, and everyone.

Reviewed by Catherine Eves


This day cream is good for all skin types. We like to include it in our daily cleansing routine—it’s unique in that it appears to be a thick, heavy lotion but it leaves skin feeling soft and silky without added weight. Those with darker complexions will appreciate that it doesn’t leave a white cast on skin. JOSH ROSEBROOK NUTRIENT DAY CREAM, $85


This rich and silky night cream features meadowfoam oil, neroli oil, and calendula extract, which provide super intense hydration without being heavy. We love how it reduces redness and evens skin tone—it’s perfect for soothing irritated skin from prolonged exposure to sun or wind. GOLDEN HOUR RECOVERY CREAM, $48


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Non Gender Specific was created by Andrew Glass, who worked at a skin-care line for men for five years before noting a gap in the industry. He launched NGS with this daily serum, which promises brighter, smoother skin and boasts a host of benefits, from improved skin elasticity to reducing the size of pores. NON GENDER SPECIFIC EVERYTHING SERUM, $65


You’ll love the light lather created by this shaving oil that keeps skin silky, which creates an ultra-smooth shaving surface and reduces the risk of irritation (which can lead to aesthetically unpleasant razor bumps or ingrown hairs). Plus, it’s good for both men and women. MARIE VERONIQUE MILDLY FOAMING SHAVING OIL, $23

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