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Super Clean Solutions: Summer 2020

Super Clean Solutions: Summer 2020

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Embracing wellness from a holistic perspective is what we love to do. Check out our latest clean beauty selections.


This delicate formula goes on smooth and has a fresh, lively scent derived from a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile and lemon. It is a perfect deodorant for sensitive pits as it is toxin-free and the essential oils used have a naturally calming and cooling effect upon application. Those who may desire a second application midday will be happy to hear that it comes in a great travel-sized container as well. AVAILABLE AT CREDOBEAUTY.COM, $18


From the imagination of one of the reigning queens of clean skincare comes a new product to fall head over heels in love. Crafted to calm and rebalance the skin, this lightweight formula fills the air with the scent of fresh eucalyptus while leaving skin lightly moisturized and supple. Application is made easy and even via an ecofriendly and sophisticated glass spray bottle. Just a few pumps will do for a perfect summer pick-me-up! AVAILABLE AT INDIELEE.COM, $45


Immunocologie is best known for its use of vital French clay which in a recent study was found to have major antibacterial and antiviral properties. This mask is classy, conscious and clean. The packaging is gorgeous and the consistency of the product is silky without being too wet. As soon as you wash it off, you will immediately notice a difference in your skin tone and texture as pores appear smaller and the face feels tighter. AVAILABLE AT IMMUNOCOLOGIE.COM, $105

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Formulated with a base of coconut oil and vitamin E and infused with the rich notes of Palo Santo wood oil and rosemary, this product is designed to enrich and enliven the scalp while leaving hair shiny and conditioned. This may be used as a pre-wash treatment, but we prefer using it as an overnight, leave-in indulgence. If you are lucky enough to have a friend or significant other nearby, make a plan for an evening of scalp massages. AVAILABLE AT CREDOBEAUTY.COM, $44

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