Issue 3: The Skin Issue – Summer 2019

Welcome to the Skin Issue, bursting with a myriad of exciting topics all about staying safe under the sun. Our skin is not only our body’s largest organ, but a living, breathing ecosystem—a “microbiome” that absorbs elements of the environment in which it resides, responding to triggers from the external world and making the necessary adjustments to achieve balance and purification.

The Skin Issue considers sun protection from multiple angles, including articles that explore Hawaii’s controversial sunscreen ban, the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens, and a thorough exploration into the largely unregulated practices of the personal-products industry. Referencing a host of experts, the cW team offers solutions to the difficulty of finding sun protection products that won’t do more harm than than good.

But if skin is not your thing, fear not! This issue presents a host of engaging topics, from unpacking the rising cost of cancer to a fabulous piece on Houston’s growing prominence.