Issue 4: The Men’s Health Issue – Fall 2019

Issue 4 is finally here, and with it a wealth of information about exercise, nutrition, travel, and wellness as they relate to cancer—especially those that primarily affect men, like prostate and colorectal cancer.

But the Men’s Issue includes so much more than that. Host of the hit television show “American Ninja Warrior” Matt Iseman shares his “story of blind luck” in the cover story. After experiencing pain he thought was connected to his rheumatoid arthritis, Matt was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. His experience working as a doctor taught him the importance of pushing for a diagnosis, even when you feel like no one will listen.

Another danger hidden in plain sight: Roundup, a popular weed killer sold in most supermarkets, may have been poisoning farmers and gardeners for years, but recent lawsuits are finally bringing the truth to light. Read more in “One Bad Apple.”

Power up your morning with this protein-packed and anti-inflammatory recipes, too.