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Cancer Wellness Subscription

From: $9.99 / year

Cancer Wellness magazine features health, wellness, beauty, entertainment, and medical coverage for the new cancer community of warriors, thrivers, and supporters .


With spring in full swing, we are given the chance to both look afar and look within.

Looking for direction? Me too! Our annual international issue provides us with this opportunity to broaden our horizons in two specific ways. The first horizon we examine is global. What are other countries, like India, doing about cancer (p. 58)?  What are wellness experts and wellness companies with global footprints doing specifically to address cancer in the coming months and years (p. 63)? How are global enterprises, like oil, affecting our health and what can be done about it (p. 88)? Furthermore, what are these boots-on-the-ground healers discovering and advocating for?

The second horizon that is exploding is thrilling, intimidating and nuanced. It is tapping into the power of the human mind to heal the physical body. Even if our minds cannot or do not have comprehensive curative powers to successfully eradicate all forms of cancer in all people, the practice of certain mental and physical practices have credible and enticing benefits. Let’s explore them! One pathway showing promise in treating depression, anxiety, fear, PTSD and other nuisances common to the human experience is the therapeutic use of psychedelics (p. 41).

And perhaps most importantly, we use this season as a time of new beginnings, celebrating and addressing the importance of looking after mind, body and spirit. Let’s get our heads and physical bodies into a state where healing in all its forms can take place.

Whether it’s moving your body (p. 11 and p. 24), participating in celestial underwater photoshoots (p. 72) or taking the state of affairs in stride with wry authenticity like cover star Lauren Mahon (p. 46), remember to leave space and time to nourish and revere your inner space this season. Happy spring!


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