The Good JuJu Radiator


  • Ideal for Moms, Teacher gifts, the excellent coworker or anybody who radiates good JuJu and makes your day
    Mudra measures .75″ x .75″
  • Rose Quartz measures .75″
  • Sun measures .8″ around
  • JuJu jangles come on 24” 1.2mm ball chains

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The mudra is a spiritual hand gesture made by the Buddha. Mudras can shift energy internally helping you in your path to awareness. Wearing a mudra acts as a reminder to open your heart practicing empathy and compassion for others.

The sun holds the power of manifestation. Regardless of circumstances, the sun can be counted on to to thaw, illuminate and enable growth. We all turn our faces sunward to be touched by its lovely glow. The JuJu Sun charm is a steady reminder to radiate warmth and Good JuJu to everyone in your orbit.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, gentleness and soothing. It works to maintain harmony in an environment encouraging ease of interactions. It can dissolve boundaries and bring people closer together.

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18k Gold Plated, Sterling Silver