The Healing Jangle


  • Ideal for anybody struggling with a health issue: cancer, surgery, recovery, hospital
  • Stays and general healing
  • Milagros measures approx. 1″ x .5″
  • Hand-faceted rock quartz crystal measures approx. .5″ x .75″
  • Juju Ring measures approx 1″ wide
  • JuJu jangles come on 24” 1.2 mm ball chains

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“Milagros (miracles in Spanish) are representational forms carved out of metal. They are used as traditional folk offerings all over the Americas to solicit divine intervention. Wearing a body part
milagro focuses intention on self-healing. Belief in the sacred, coupled with the power of the mind, arms you with a powerful double whammy to kick sickness and bad juju to the curb.

Rock crystal, known as the Master Healer, stimulates the immune system, dispels negative energy, and draws out pain. It is a highly programmable stone. When first worn it is recommended to set an intention and let the master healer get to work.

The Juju Ring reminds you to bring good juju wherever you go. The circle symbolizes the commonality of the human experience, encouraging you to step into the flow. A person with good juju radiates compassion, caring, and connectedness. It’s the best kind of contagious.”

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18K Gold Plate, Sterling Silver


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