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Reads on the Unspeakable

In his second essay for Cancer Wellness about his mother’s last days, Robert G. Margolis writes, “No one, I felt, is ever done doing what they want to do in their life, even after their life is done.”

Learning How to Live Again

Time is quantifiable when you’re living treatment to treatment, but life after cancer feels open-ended.

Love in the Time of Cancer

After hearing my results, I thought: How do I tell my boyfriend?

BRCA: The Waiting Game

Most 10-year-olds find out how to make volcanoes in science class; I figured out boobs were just as sensitive and explosive.

The Skin I’m In Was Not Enough

I need to accept that when it comes to my sun safety, I am, finally, all out of excuses.

Metastatic Humor (A Comedy of Cancer)

“During a late-August afternoon, about a month before she died, my mother and I recited a duet of suggestions for the inscription on her gravestone. Each one made us laugh.”

The Present is a Present

“If cancer has taught me anything, it’s that I cannot do it all myself and that I do not have to be strong all the time.”