Pulling the C Card

Much of the innovative care and clinical trials for cancer are located in expensive cities, where lifesaving treatment might mean high-cost hotel stays, too. In New York City, The C Card aims to offset this financial burden for warriors and caregivers.

Will Power: Advance Planning Options for Cancer Patients and Survivors

New cW columnist Shelly Rosenfeld, Esq. of the Cancer Legal Resource Center shares legal tips on protecting your assets and well-being after a cancer diagnosis.

Person Holding U.s. Dollar Banknotes
Sick with Debt

After costly treatments and surgeries that aid in treating cancer, there is often one worry plaguing the mind of the average survivor—how to pay for it all.

Facing Cancer

It may be an uncomfortable task to tackle, but preparing your estate before passing can answer any lingering questions from grieving friends and family members as well as provide a smooth transition for those who might have to make difficult decisions.

Ask the Financial Advisor

Ryan Johnson, Esq. details what to consider when estate planning to ease stress on loved ones.