Innovations & Research

The people and places racing to revolutionize cancer care.

One (Potentially) Giant Leap for Mankind

Creating a single test to detect multiple cancer types is one goal of President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative, but how close are we to making this dream a reality?

Cannabis Comeback?

More athletes have been turning to cannabis to support their recovery efforts post-game or post-workout, but what purpose do CBD and THC serve in a sports and exercise setting?

Your Brain on Joy

Harnessing the “plastic” power of your brain can help cancer thrivers and survivors neutralize the feelings of depression and anxiety that may accompany a diagnosis — no products, programs or prescriptions required.

An Artificial Intelligence Assembly

The advancement of artificial intelligence in hospitals and other care settings has allowed for growth and improvement in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies that we think you should know about.

Wonder Drug?

A recent clinical trial using an immunotherapeutic “checkpoint inhibitor” completely eradicated colorectal cancer in all 18 participants.

A Rewritten Route

Rick Bartlett, prostate cancer thriver, hopes revolutionary advancements in cancer care will encourage more men to take their health seriously.

The More You Know: Less Invasive Testing for Men

Cancer screenings can save your life—but that doesn’t mean they’re pleasant to sit through. These less invasive options for men are changing the game.

The Future of Cancer Care

From mental health management to palliative care assessment, augmented intelligence is helping shape the future of cancer care.

Guiding the Way

Ion technology is guiding doctors in more precise and efficient surgical procedures, meaning easier and faster recoveries for lung cancer warriors.

The Fight for Breathing Rights

The landscape of lung cancer is changing, but there’s still work to be done. Dr. Michael Liptay is one health care professional spearheading the push for preventive action.