Leukemia: also known as blood cancer. It is a cancer of blood-forming tissues that starts in the bone marrow. It is caused by the abnormal production of white blood cells.

The Cooking Cure

When Flavia Moylan’s son Joe was diagnosed with cancer, she used the food he ate—and not just the medicine he was given—to help him fight the sickness from within.

The Right Medicine

When 13-year-old Ashley Surin switched from prescription medicine to medical marijuana, her family had to rewrite the law to allow it on school grounds.

Legacies of Chemical Warfare

More than 50 years after the Vietnam War, U.S. herbicide warfare programs have been associated with numerous health risks in veterans and civilians.

All Work and No Play

Hidden dangers in familiar occupations might be leading workers toward a deadly cancer diagnosis.

The Thriver: Art “Chat Daddy” Sims

Issue 4’s “Thriver” is Art “Chat Daddy” Sims, who details his experiences of switching to natural care while in remission for leukemia.

Beating Cancer is in Their Blood

Under Executive Director Pam Swenk, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society provides blood cancer fighters with everything they need to beat their disease.

The Start of My Forever

Britny Maldonado learns to loosen up and laugh in the face of her leukemia diagnosis, because “it’s just cancer.”