Mind & Body

Realign your mind-body connection with stories of mindfulness, tales of therapy and insight from health care professionals and cancer coaches.

Ask the Doctor

Clinical pharmacist Dr. Diana Rangaves answers your questions about preventing cancer.

Ten Tips for Supporting Friends with Cancer

Belong.Life, the world’s largest social network for cancer patients and caregivers, offers 10 ideas for how you can support friends with cancer.

cW Recipes: Vampire Slayer Soup

‘Tis the (Halloween) season. In issue one of Cancer Wellness, we interviewed chef and blogger…

cW Recipes: Magical Mineral Broth

Every good soup deserves a hearty base, and we’ve got you covered. In issue one…

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, the Nevada-based, world-renowned oncologist answers a reader question about tackling cancer treatment post-diagnosis.

Nutrition as the Solution

Maintaining proper nutrition is especially important during cancer treatment. Utilize these tips to find balance.

Kitchen Warrior

Rebecca Katz, the blogger and a Chef Emeritus at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, is on a mission to prove healthy food is more than just a hippie philosophy. Here, she shares her insight and three of her essential recipes.

Ten Actions to Regain Control

Health and wellness are always aligned. Follow these 10 tips for improving your mental health after diagnosis.

cW Guide: Asking your doctor the right questions

Stay in control of your cancer care by coming prepared to your appointments with the right questions.

The Dietitian’s Diet

Registered dietitian and farmer Diana Dyer spent more than 20 years working to improve the nutritional guidelines and practices of cancer patients. Here, she discusses her work and shares a simple recipe for readers to make at home.