Picture Perfect

Say cheese! Cancer survivors find healing lies within the frame through the Framed Portrait Experience.

#FighterFriday: Ready or Not

You don’t get to choose when your cancer journey happens, but you can choose the ways you grow from it.

Replenishing Your Self

Self-care is not a reward for living life well — it’s a staple. I recently…

Ask the Cancer Coach

In this new column, our resident cancer coach will focus on a new holistic topic that readers can incorporate into their health and wellness journey.

The Masks We Wear

We’re growing accustomed to donning physical face masks for good reason, but the metaphorical ones we carry may end up restricting our truest – and best – selves.

#FighterFriday: A Matter of Perspective

A cancer diagnosis during a pandemic can feel like a double whammy, but Kelli Stanko ended up stumbling onto joy in the process.

Learning to Love a New Me

After undergoing treatment for Ewing Sarcoma cancer, veteran Brandi Benson was left with a 24-inch scar that tested and taught her to how to love and embrace her new self.

What Comes Next?

After meticulous routines and strict schedules, the independence of survivorship may feel intimidating. Cancer coaches can help you tackle life’s new chapter in your own way.

The Sound Solution

The ancient practice of sound therapy, or gong meditation, has long been a tool in East and Southeast Asia. Now, practitioners and researchers across the globe are embracing its benefits, too.

Sweet Child of Mine

For children dealing with a world of uncertainty, art can be a useful and comforting way to induce mindfulness and joy.