Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a cancer that forms in the tissue of the pancreas. It is often called a “silent” disease because symptoms may not appear until late stages.

The Danger Unseen

A common medication used to treat acid reflux was taken off the market two years ago, but its health hazards—including cancer risk—are ongoing.

#FighterFriday: A Reluctant Warrior

Matt Newman wishes he had never gotten cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from inspiring other warriors to take charge of their own lives in the face of a diagnosis.

Treating the Untreatable

After years of use, chemotherapy is finally becoming more personalized thanks to ongoing research in precision medicine at the Nagourney Cancer Institute.

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Getting Into ‘Good Trouble’

The revolutionary work of congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis isn’t taking a backseat in the face of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. We talked with director Dawn Porter about capturing that resilience for the screen in the new documentary “John Lewis: Good Trouble.”

The Supporter: Jill Peet Saponaro

Issue 4’s featured “Supporter” is Jill Peet Sapponaro, who orchestrated a lighting ceremony for pancreatic cancer research.

The Cancer Sniff Test

The future of early-stage cancer detection may be found in man’s best friend.

Breathe Easy

Dr. Jeffrey A. Borgia is ready to move his test for early-stage lung cancer detection to clinical trials—is this the first step to a pan-cancer blood test?

The Fighter: Conni Howes

I feel like my story is a little bit boring. I’m like a shark. I just keep going.