The cW Agenda: Spring 2022

All the news you need to know.

Catching Up

Due to inaccessible equipment and inadequate training, cancer screening and care can feel more like a barrier than a benefit for people with disabilities. 

Cancer Connection

Breast cancer warrior Yoli Origel details founding Cancer Kinship, an organization connecting warriors and thrivers for empowerment through human connection.

Let’s Talk About Cervical Cancer

Founded by a cervical cancer survivor, nonprofit organization Cervivor is smashing the stigma of the disease.

NCCN Announces New Screening Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer

Heather Matt, a four-year colorectal cancer warrior, describes her cancer experience at just 35 years old and how the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s new screening guidelines can save even more lives.

The cW Agenda: Winter 2022

All the news you need to know.

The Beauty of Bibliotherapy

When you’re a parent diagnosed with cancer, it can be hard to find the words when discussing it with your children. Luckily, there’s age-appropriate books that know all the right things to say.

Pulling the C Card

Much of the innovative care and clinical trials for cancer are located in expensive cities, where lifesaving treatment might mean high-cost hotel stays, too. In New York City, The C Card aims to offset this financial burden for warriors and caregivers.

10 Tips to Manage Your Breast Cancer Treatment Experience

Breast cancer treatment can be a difficult and confusing journey. While there are numerous support systems designed to assist you, knowing the options available allows you to advocate for the care that best meets your needs. Below are 10 ways you can ensure and advocate for the best care for you in your treatment journey.

No Child Left Behind

The MACC Fund is supporting the next frontier in pediatric cancer research.