Survivorship for Caregivers

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing for both a patient and their caregivers, but many tools are available for people to cope.

Must Be in the Genes

Knowing how a cancer diagnosis or genetic information affects insurance

Breathing Uneasy

Cancer warriors and thrivers may be more susceptible to contracting the novel coronavirus and developing severe complications, especially if there is a history of lung-specific illnesses like mesothelioma.

Finding the Right Words

To optimize cancer management, professionals say medical teams should use consistent testing terminology, improve communication, and encourage shared decision making between patients and medical personnel.

A Job Well Done

The fast-paced shift to WFH due to the pandemic can be especially difficult for cancer warriors and thrivers for a myriad of reasons. But it also opens a new door to employers meeting your needs.

woman posing

Social media has provided a platform for cancer warriors and thrivers to unapologetically share their journey while offering support and resources. Here’s six of our fave follow-worthy influencers doing just that.

Woman Having A Video Call
Five Things You Need to Know About Telehealth

Since the 1960s, telehealth has been an essential component of military and space technology development. Over time, the technology became more accessible to health care professionals as a useful tool to provide patient care globally.

The Drug Deal: Insurance and Access to Prescription Medications

With the right tools and information, accessing the right prescription medication for your cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Courage to Explore

The key to answering life’s greatest questions resides within yourself, but you must first learn how to access this internal well.

The Right to Work

When Angela Perez was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, knowing her rights allowed her to navigate the workplace and remain productive.