Will Power: Advance Planning Options for Cancer Patients and Survivors

New cW columnist Shelly Rosenfeld, Esq. of the Cancer Legal Resource Center shares legal tips on protecting your assets and well-being after a cancer diagnosis.

Helping All of Us

Malecare provides support services for people with prostate cancer, but their programs for underserved communities are what make this nonprofit stand out from the rest.

The Cancer Wellness 2020 Guide to Marijuana in Illinois

Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois in 2020. We’ve gathered answers for your lingering questions and show you how to get product for yourself.

The Choice is Yours

You can’t control a cancer diagnosis, but you can control how you react to it. In her latest column, Jessica Walker talks about how to focus on the aspects of your life you can control amidst the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.

Next Question, Please

A stronger relationship with your health care provider can lead to better treatment outcomes.

cW Meditations: Maintaining Positive Thoughts

This guided meditation, created by Shanna Shrum, invites you to only accept loving thoughts about yourself and the world around you.

Caring for the Carers

Family caregivers save the American health care system billions of dollars every year, but at what cost?

cW Meditations: Facing Your Fears

This meditation, created by guide Shanna Shrum, helps you identify the source of your fears and offers tools to help you listen to and offer compassion toward what frightens you.

Pocket Meditation

Our list of the best meditation apps on the market to offer clarity and calm amidst a cancer diagnosis.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Meditation

The ancient practice of meditation is gaining popularity as a tool to relax and unwind.