Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a cancer that starts in the skin. It is usually caused by overexposure to UV rays, but not always.

Fun in the Sun: Safe Sun Week

Dermatologist Dr. Min Deng explains the importance of sunscreen as we approach the summer months, and how “Safe Sun Week” reminds people to protect their skin while beating the heat at the beach.

Soak Up the Sun in Style

This month’s Everyday Runway column suits up with some swoon worthy selections to stay safe when out in the sun.

A Happy Ending

Even with a cancer diagnosis, there can be moments that are cause for celebration.

The Warrior: Dr. Rick Brown

The featured Spotlight Warrior for our Supporter Issue is Dr. Rick Brown.

#FighterFriday: The Finish Line Is the Starting Line

While in treatment, four-time warrior Liz Benditt wasn’t finding any one-stop shops for actual helpful,…


What’s the difference between UPF and SPF?

Getting to Know Melanoma

What things should you look for when trying to protect your skin?

A Family Affair

Drs. Jennifer and Jaehyuk Choi together run a first-of-its-kind oncodermatology department and lab, revolutionizing the fast-developing field, while still making time to raise their three daughters in Chicago’s North Shore.

How Do You Celebrate Your Cancerversary?

How you observe milestones on your cancer journey is a personal decision. We spoke with five people about the creative ways they observe a cancer milestone.

Protect the Skin You’re In

After years of poor sun-protection habits, Jennifer Bringle’s breast cancer diagnosis finally made her get serious about skin cancer.