Hear from the supporters, warriors and thrivers themselves who have turned making a difference into their mission.

Fighter Friday: Nichelle Stigger

Lung cancer survivor Nichelle Stigger shares how advocating for herself led to her initial diagnosis.

Real Talk

In all of her unfiltered and unabashed glory, GIRLvsCANCER founder Lauren Mahon has set out to show young women that they are more than a diagnosis.

Finding Her Vitality

At 41 years old, Lesley Nygaard was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. What could have been a devastating experience inspired her to create a naturopathic medicine company to help others.

Reckless Bravery

One family’s history demonstrates how cancer can be passed from generation to generation—but so can courage.

Running With Cancer

Part-time certified fitness instructor Jennifer Sinkwitts was slated to run the Boston Marathon after an impressive qualifying time—then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to run anyway.

Timing is Everything

It’s easy to delay or avoid routine screenings. But Cynthia Hayes knows all too well that these pesky appointments can be life-saving.

#FighterFriday: Ready or Not

You don’t get to choose when your cancer journey happens, but you can choose the ways you grow from it.

My Mother’s Message

After caring for her mother during her battle with stage IV stomach cancer, Michelle Patidar trusted her instincts when a dream-state visit from her mother warned her about her own health.

The Thriver: Patrick Young

This issue’s thriver is Patrick Young, who survived squamous cell carcinoma of the lip.

The Supporters: Kathryn & Laura

Our featured Supporters in the new issue of Cancer Wellness are two sisters and the founders of Courageous Bakery & Cafe.