Warriors are people who are currently going through or have gone through a cancer journey firsthand.

The Warrior: Erika Hlavacek

Erika Hlavacek is issue 12’s warrior.

The Warrior: Leonard Gilbert

The summer issues warrior is Leonard, a lymphoma warrior diagnosed during the pandemic.

“Cut Here”

Armed with a brand new targeted therapy option, familial support and a sense of humor, Shannan A. is rising above brain cancer.

Insist and Persist

After a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis, Leslie Ferris Yerger realized there was a lot she hadn’t known about the risk of cancer when it comes to dense breasts. With the formation of nonprofit My Density Matters, she’s urging other women to take action.

Moment by Moment

After a leukemia diagnosis as a young adult, Jen Biondi has shifted her focus toward embracing the important things in life, one day at a time.

Running With Cancer

Part-time certified fitness instructor Jennifer Sinkwitts was slated to run the Boston Marathon after an impressive qualifying time—then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to run anyway.

The Warrior: Dr. Rick Brown

The featured Spotlight Warrior for our Supporter Issue is Dr. Rick Brown.

#FighterFriday: The Finish Line Is the Starting Line

While in treatment, four-time warrior Liz Benditt wasn’t finding any one-stop shops for actual helpful,…

#FighterFriday: A Matter of Perspective

A cancer diagnosis during a pandemic can feel like a double whammy, but Kelli Stanko ended up stumbling onto joy in the process.

Shaken, but Not Stirred

A plan of care is important after a diagnosis, but even more important is making your voice heard during the process so you can receive the care that’s right for you.