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cW Recipes: Kale Chips with Grated Parmesan

These straightforward but hearty #kale chips are a simple, quick way to keep your stomach happy and healthy while snacking on the go.

Cancer Wellness #Recipes​ are deliciously #healthymeals​ featuring #cancerfightingfoods​. From the mind of cW’s resident nutritionist Maria Tripodis, cW Recipes are formulated to promote #healthy​ cell function and reduce #cancer​ cell growth. Food is fuel, and while all cells need fuel to function, certain fuels have properties that can help #fightcancer​.

Click here for more recipes: https://cancerwellness.com/stories/nutrition/recipes/

Find the full recipe here: https://cancerwellness.com/nutrition/recipes/kale-chips-parmesan/

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