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Bright Pink aims to ensure equity, model proactivity and promote agency for young breast and ovarian cancer warriors. The social leg of one of our favorite cancer charities features cancer fighters doing amazing things mixed with news about upcoming events and new innovations and treatments in the cancer research world.

This uber-popular insta for features words and pictures from the wider cancer community — before, during and after treatment. Their website is a home for people looking to share their experience, talk with others, and find some sort of solace throughout their journey.

Cancer, but make it f*cking hilarious. With a mix of humor and no-holds-barred real talk, this account really shines through its memes, which are geared specifically for the cancer community — because, as every person in treatment for cancer knows, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh.

Anna Crollman’s bright and cheery feed has garnered her a loyal following by featuring both the good and the bad of life after cancer. She aims to empower cancer survivors to find beauty in their “post-cancer body,” and we can’t get enough of her down-to-earth personality and affinity for the color pink.


Mind & Body

cW Playlist: Issue 13 – Selfhood

One of the best things you can do during the cancer journey is become your own biggest supporter. Issue 13’s tracklist provides all the inspo for the sweet solace of self-love.

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(Y)our Stories

Finding Her Vitality

At 41 years old, Lesley Nygaard was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. What could have been a devastating experience inspired her to create a naturopathic medicine company to help others.

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(Y)our Stories

Cancer, COVID-19 and Me

Sofia Reino, a two-time cancer survivor, says the trials and tribulations of life in active treatment makes cancer warriors and survivors particularly prepared for difficult situations—including a pandemic.

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