Mind Over Matter: An Intro to Elizabeth Tuckwell
Meet Elizabeth Tuckwell, our resident complementary medicine columnist and resident meditation guide.

Since issue two of Cancer Wellness, Elizabeth Tuckwell, an art teacher and meditation guide has introduced the power of self-care and mindfulness to the readers of our magazine. But who is the woman behind the wise words? We checked in with her earlier last month to learn a little bit more about why she enjoys meditation.

After the interview, listen and download our complete collection of her guided meditations.

Why do you enjoy meditation?

Meditation has been an opportunity for me to distance myself from the noise of the outside world. It is essential because I get to reflect on what is available within me. The resources I have inside [are a] knowledge base I hold within. I am able to sift through the messages of every day and look inside for answers. It helps to refocus, reset and align myself.

How long have you been meditating?

Good question. I feel like I had several starts and stops. It took me a while to find “my place” in meditation. I think it has been for about 20 years. I say that because I include painting and creating artwork as a form of meditation. Then, I began listening to guided meditations and later, mantras, music or simply silence. Now, I create my own.

What do you hope our readers take away from your meditations?

Meditation is becoming fully present. It is listening to the expanse within you instead of being driven by constant signaling from the outside world. When I started, I felt like I would never be able to sit for and get into a zone. But I experimented with several styles until I found one that left me feeling like I had transcended my body and become fully “nowhere/now here.” Once I found that sweet spot, I knew what state of being I was looking for and capable of achieving. From there, I just kept practicing. Sometimes it is less about finding the on button to the inner zone and more about practicing pressing the off button to the outside world.



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