Super Clean Solution: Spring 2023 (Brought to You by Stage)
Stage is on a mission to empower the breast cancer community with knowledge, confidence and style. When their founder, Virginia Carnesale, learned about the harmful toxins in most beauty products after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, she was shocked at how difficult it was to find products that were free of the most concerning ingredients — like endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. With Stage, Carnesale provides a curated selection of high-performing skincare, haircare and cosmetics to help take the guesswork out of switching to clean beauty.

Launched in February 2022, Stage is a mission-driven marketplace created to help women with breast cancer feel stylish, supported, and confident at every stage of treatment. Stage is a one-stop shop for patients and supporters to find products, gifts, uplifting stories, tips, and advice — all from a community of women who have been through a breast cancer journey.

Stage’s marketplace also offers survivor-approved products such as lingerie, loungewear, activewear, swimwear, bags, headwraps, home goods, and gifts. They also donate five percent of annual net proceeds to charitable organizations that offer grants and supportive services within three pillars: financial assistance, fertility preservation, and integrated wellness-based therapies. 

Stage’s selection of beauty products is free of harmful toxins, including sulfates, parabens, phthalates, aluminum, talc, triclosan, formaldehyde and oxybenzone. Learn more about Stage’s banned ingredients list in the Advice section of their website. 

Shop some of Carnesale’s favorite beauty products for treatment and beyond, which can all be found at


During chemo, I discovered the magical properties of coconut oil. It was the only thing I could put on my dry skin that delivered lasting hydration. Enter Cocobaba — an ethically sourced organic line of coconut oil-based products. Founded by Emma Willis, the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, this line is made with love. 

cocobaba mousseCoconut Butter Mousse (6.8 oz. / $25)
I recommend this for all-over use after the shower or whenever your skin feels like it needs a drink.

Coconut Body Oil (4 oz. / $30)
This oil is a staple for those of us affected by radiation dermatitis. This coconut oil blend won’t solidify in lower temperatures, comes in a mess-free pump and can be used daily for maintenance of skin. Layer this body oil with Cocobaba’s butter mousse or pure shea butter for a lasting effect! 


Searching for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair feeling clean, healthy and hydrated? Search no more, because Seen is changing the hair game. Founded by Harvard-trained dermatologist, Iris Rubin, Seen’s gentle hair-care duo is one of our favorites for its performance and offering of both scented and unscented formulas.

Fragrance-Free Shampoo (8.6 oz. / $29) & Fragrance-Free Conditioner (8.6 oz. / $26)

Seen’s shampoo is appropriate for use during cold capping and beyond, and its creamy conditioner leaves hair feeling super silky so detangling is a breeze.

LAMIK Beauty

After losing her mother to breast cancer, make-up artist and LAMIK founder Kim Roxie made it her mission to give women of color access to safe, natural beauty products. 

Revelation Brow Duo ($49)

Eyebrow Stencils ($20)

Power Brow Duo Brush ($17)

Available in 10 different shades, the Revelation Brow Duo features a powder and cream in a mirrored compact to help you create the thicker, fuller brows of your dreams. Add LAMIK’s brow stencils and brush to your routine for a fool-proof look that’s so easy to achieve.

Lash Lash

Does applying false lashes seem like an impossible feat? We thought so too, until we discovered natural-looking lash slices from Lash Lash. The brand was born when celebrity makeup artist, Mari Shten, couldn’t find natural looking lashes on the market — so she created her own. Whether you need to fill in your entire lash line or just a spot or two, these lashes have you covered.

Lash Slices ($30)

The Sexiest Beauty

There’s nothing more empowering than a bold lip. The Sexiest Beauty’s extra hydrating and nourishing formula is long-lasting and comes in a wide range of colors. Founded by a breast cancer supporter and beauty industry veteran, Heather Fink believes sexy is a state of mind, and hopes her products help clients feel more confident and empowered. Pair your new look with a cute turban and earrings for a mood boost during treatment and beyond.

Matteshine Lipstick ($23)

about the founder

Virginia Carnesale is the founder and CEO of Stage, an online marketplace, resource and community designed for women with breast cancer. In 2018, Virginia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her 18-month journey to wellness, she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was an opportunity to better serve other patients and their loved ones with the knowledge, sisterhood and style tips that only come from walking this road. So in 2021, she put her ideas into practice and created Stage. Prior to Stage, Virginia built a successful 20-year career with top retailers and emerging ecommerce startups in the fashion/beauty industry. Virginia has a passion for product, learning and creating exceptional experiences.

Learn more about Virginia and Stage at


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