Super Clean Solutions: Fall 2021
There’s no such thing as being too prepared for winter! Soak up self-care with a splash of summer when using these beauty picks that’ll leave your skin and hair hydrated and hopeful.

Khus & Khus BLEU Body Serum

This dreamy concoction relies on the riches of the botanical world coupled with the ayurvedic principle of bringing balance to the body. The light scent of blue tansy oil comes through upon application along with a perfectly balanced dose of hydration. Use on dry skin or as a lovely post-bath indulgence. AVAILABLE AT KHUS-KHUS.COM, $85

EVOLVh UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque

Hair in serious disrepair may find a new champion in this novel product. Heavy hitting amino and fatty acids help tame and repair super stressed tresses, leaving the hair moisturized without being heavy. The refreshing grapefruit aroma complements the uplifting, nurturing formula. AVAILABLE AT EVOLVH.COM, $48

MARA Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil is outstanding for sensitive skin. Gentle cleansing is possible by way of natural enzymes found in fruit (pineapple, grapefruit, pumpkin and papaya) mixed with MARA’s signature algae blend which is chock-full of marine botanicals. The resulting oil is great for removing makeup and ideal for pre-makeup prep. AVAILABLE AT CREDOBEAUTY.COM, $58


This multi-purpose hydrator is suitable for use on the entire body and face. Prominently featuring hyaluronic acid—which binds to water to help the skin retain moisture—the formula is rich without being greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving a sweet and youthful scent. While several scent options are available including grapefruit, coconut and unscented, true vanilla lovers like me will go gooey over their indulgently concentrated vanilla concoction. AVAILABLE AT LUXEBEAUTY.COM, $39.95


The Heart of an Evolver

During her three cancer diagnoses, Tameka Johnson was flooded with harsh emotions—pain, anger, fear, frustration—but found her respite in writing, in loving her daughter, and living life “on purpose.”

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cancer coach
Ask the Cancer Coach

What Comes Next

Cancer coach Mirela Kopier emphasizes why it’s crucial for men to take charge of their health and how starting may be easier than you think.

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Coping Strategies & Techniques

cW Meditations: Facing Your Fears

This meditation, created by guide Shanna Shrum, helps you identify the source of your fears and offers tools to help you listen to and offer compassion toward what frightens you.

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Breast Cancer

Chicago Wolves

While the Chicago Wolves are proud of their four league championships, they feel just as proud of their relationship with hockey fans, which enabled Chicago Wolves Charities to raise more than $4 million for local organizations.

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(Y)our Stories

Making Waves

Nathan Adrian’s lifetime of competitive swimming prepared him for many challenges, but facing testicular cancer was a plunge that the Olympic swimmer and medalist never thought he’d take.

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Complementary Medicine

Calling on Calm

With growing research on its merit for active cancer warriors, guided imagery offers a good excuse to stretch your mental muscles while reaping physical and emotional benefits.

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