Super Clean Solutions: Winter 2023
With a mission to provide safe, natural relief for people with cancer, Dermavitality’s focus is to develop effective and affordable skin care through plant power and peer-reviewed research.

Organic Soothing Lip Balm:

Featuring all-organic oils and waxes, this plant-rich lip balm is multifunctional — it can be applied to dry patches anywhere on the skin, including cuticles, hands, feet, chins, cheeks and, of course, lips. A base of olive fruit oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil and shea butter deliver fatty acids to aid in preventing damage from environmental factors while softening the lips and providing anti-aging benefits, like reducing lip lines and pigmentation.

3 tubes, $12.95

Soothing Scalp Hair Growth Spray:

Soothe and improve overall scalp health with this lightweight, fast-absorbing hair growth spray, featuring specialty peptides to stimulate keratin production to strengthen and mend hair fibers. A few spritzes each morning will help increase your hair’s ability to retain moisture, revitalize the natural protective layer, rebuild strand elasticity, and add smoothness and shine. Plus, it smells great, thanks to the healing ingredients of tea tree leaf oil and orange blossom water.

4 ounces, $49.95

Radiation Relief Cream: 

Calendula is the key ingredient in this calming concoction, which is proven to reduce painful swelling and irritation following radiation treatments while aiding the healing process. This creamy, lightweight formula hydrates and soothes as it quickly absorbs to relieve inflamed skin. For those who want a more gentle application, the Radiation Relief Spray features the same formula.

6 ounces, $34.95

Oncology Body Lotion:

This plant-packed lotion can be used daily to restore moisture and renew healthy skin cells. The anti-inflammatory botanical formula glides on silky smooth with a pleasantly clean scent providing instant relief to red, itchy skin. 

6 ounces, $28.95

Hand Foot Calming Cream:

Twelve, all-natural, skin-nourishing ingredients combine to comfort painful, swollen hands and feet, while maintaining soft healthy skin all over the body during treatment. Powerful and pleasant, the silky, lightweight formula has an uplifting citrusy scent from hints of bergamot and lemon oil. 

2 ounces, $14.95

Neuropathy Support Cream:

Take a deep breath and let the healing begin. This mighty mix of natural herbs and oils is the perfect remedy to combat painful neuropathy symptoms. The cooling effects of menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus absorb deep into the skin to ease shooting pains, burning, prickling and numbness of the hands and feet. 

2 ounces, $14.95 & 6 ounces, $28.95

Oncology Face Serum:

Organic jojoba oil and gotu kola are the stars of this jar. Their antioxidant properties penetrate the skin’s surface to renew from within and stimulate cell growth. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly without clogging pores to calm and heal even the most sensitive skin.

1 ounce, $34.95

Soothing Scalp Cream:

This creamy botanical potion will nourish, soothe and heal an irritated scalp, with no greasy residue. Follow with a spritz of Soothing Scalp Hair Growth Spray to provide extra relief and stimulate new growth.

2 ounces, $18.95

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