The cW Library: Issue 3
Doctor, drug company executive, and medical reporter Mike Magee brings his talents to the literary world with an eye-opening exposé of the atrocities within the American health care system.


CODE BLUEMike Magee’s thoroughly researched foray into the corrupt world of the American health care system is utterly fascinating—and frightening. Despite the fact that hospitals and private practices in this country offer some of the best treatments from the best doctors in the world, only a small percentage of the U.S. population is able to receive the full benefits of the system. Everyone else— the poor, the elderly, and those without adequate health care coverage from employers—suffers under a system that places last of all industrialized nations in terms of access, administrative efficiency, and health care outcomes. Because, as Magee says, “[The] Medical Industrial Complex is all about the health of the industry, not the health of all Americans.” As a solution, Magee calls for a system that is “universal, holistic, and that efficiently distributes our vast resources fairly and equitably in a manner that supports healthy families in healthy homes, rather than simply chasing cures,” and the book shows “how we might get there.”

Atlantic Monthly Press, June 2019, $27.00


hot young widows clubGrief and grieving are many things— confusing, turbulent, awkward—but they are never linear. Nora McInerny, creator of the popular podcast, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” off ers advice on fi nding a new normal after the death of a loved one. In “Hot Young Widows Club,” McInerny writes candidly about the grieving process following the loss of her husband, her father, and her pregnancy in the span of a few weeks. Equal parts brutally honest and utterly funny, McInerny answers some of life’s toughest questions with a sense of humor, grace, and self-forgiveness.

Simon & Schuster / TED, April 2019, $16.99


COOKING FOR CHEMOInciting hunger in patients undergoing chemotherapy is no easy feat, but being nourished is imperative to win the battle against cancer. Chef Ryan Callahan’s updated cookbook features more than 80 recipes designed to off set common chemotherapy side eff ects that can ruin appetites. With snack, meal, and drink recipes, plus tips for negating appetite suppression, “Cooking for Cancer” is a must-read for any home cook in the wake of a cancer diagnosis.

Callahan Publishing, January 2019, $25.00


Complementary Medicine

The Queen of Green

Priscilla Vilchis uses her experience working in the health care industry to provide medical marijuana products to those who need it most.

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(Y)our Stories

Over the Moon

Photographer and filmmaker Ben Moon has experienced many wild things throughout his years on the road, but a colorectal cancer diagnosis at 29 was by far one of the least expected. Now cancer-free, Moon combines vulnerability and adventure to show that even with hardship, there is still a lot of life left to live.

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Innovations & Research

An Artificial Intelligence Assembly

The advancement of artificial intelligence in hospitals and other care settings has allowed for growth and improvement in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies that we think you should know about.

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Innovations & Research

For the Good of the Grape

You try to do the right thing and buy organic fruits and vegetables, but there might be one place pesticides hide in secret: your wine rack.

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(Y)our Stories

Going Flat

In our new portrait series, we capture the beauty of the New Cancer Community.

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