Mirela Kopier

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What Comes Next: Winter 2023

cW’s resident cancer coach delves deep on a relatively new modality for the western world: Qigong. 

What Comes Next: Fall 2022

A bike accident helped cW’s resident cancer coach wake up to the power of positive thinking.

What Comes Next: Summer 2022

Take charge of your health with cW’s resident cancer coach guiding you through the power of healthy foods and supplements.

What Comes Next: Spring 2022

cW’s resident cancer coach explores the big and small ways you can incorporate movement into your routine while going through treatment.

What Comes Next: Winter 2022

Resident cancer coach Mirela Kopier delves into some of the different ways you can be your own biggest supporter in the cancer journey.

What Comes Next: Fall 2021

Supporting a child going through cancer isn’t always easy, but there are ways to help. Cancer coach Mirela Kopier explores how to navigate this uniquely difficult situation.

What Comes Next

Cancer coach Mirela Kopier emphasizes why it’s crucial for men to take charge of their health and how starting may be easier than you think.

Ask the Cancer Coach

In this issue’s column, cW’s resident cancer coach Mirela Kopier explores the necessity of caring for yourself while caring for others.

Ask the Cancer Coach

In this new column, our resident cancer coach will focus on a new holistic topic that readers can incorporate into their health and wellness journey.

Ten Actions to Regain Control

Health and wellness are always aligned. Follow these 10 tips for improving your mental health after diagnosis.