Taylor Novak

Taylor is currently the senior editor at Cancer Wellness Magazine. With a demonstrated background in the creative and health & wellness industries, they enjoy seeking out narratives of perseverance and empowerment to bring to the page in an engaging, thoughtful manner. Taylor is especially interested in writing about physical and mental wellbeing, the environment, social identity and pop culture.

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The Warrior: Elyce Neuhauser

Elyce Neuhauser is Issue 14’s Warrior.

Mindful Movement

Nonprofit Moving For Life is curating therapeutic dance for cancer warriors.

Windy City Debut: Blue Hope Bash

Need weekend plans? Chicago’s first Blue Hope Bash for colorectal cancer is happening this Saturday.

Safe Travels

Traveling during COVID-19 while immunocompromised is possible, but it’s important to proceed with caution.

Remembering Virgil Abloh

What do you owe the public when it comes to your cancer journey?

The cW Agenda: Spring 2022

All the news you need to know.

cW Playlist: Issue 14 – Flow

Whether you’re sitting and stretching or training for a 10K, Issue 14’s tracklist will give you extra pep in your step.

Learning to Live Free

Sara Quiriconi is redefining what it means to live “cancer-free.”

A Medical Menace

Photoinitiators are used in a variety of everyday objects—including medical instruments. A new study reveals how exposure to certain types of this chemical may pose a cancer risk.

Live and Let Live

Lauren Lopriore has turned her cancer journey into an opportunity to provide care and comfort to other warriors through her business Liv & Let.