You Glow, Girl!
Fun and comfy activewear for all stages of cancer treatment.

Activewear and cancer treatment don’t often end up in the same sentence—but they should! No matter where you are in your journey, some sort of movement is always recommended, even if it’s a simple stroll around the corner with your dog or 20 minutes of gentle yoga. Meet yourself where you’re at and try on some fun pieces while doing so.

Whether you’re currently in treatment or ready to go full force and hit those boot camp classes again, I did the shopping for you!

Slow, Steady and Stylish (in treatment)

Just because you’re actively in treatment doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute outfit for some light stretching or a walk to your favorite café. This Lululemon hoodie is beautifully tailored, and it’s super comfy and washes well. It’s perfect to throw over this pretty Athleta tank, and when you pair it with these Gold Sheep Star Leggings you’ll feel like the super star that you are! I love this ensemble because these are forever pieces that you can mix and match for when you’re ready (or not!) to hit the gym again. 

Getting Your Groove Back (post-treatment)

Transitioning from treatment and ready for some additional activity? Game on. Walking is a great way to get back into your workout routine, clear your mind and get outside. After a lot of research, I found a great walking sneaker for you to try. The Nike Zoom Fly 4 will provide just the right amount of stability and comfort to feel fabulous and confident as you put your best foot forward.

Underwear That’s Fun To Wear (thriverhood)

Post-mastectomy bras are anything but boring, especially this fun little number from AnaOno. The “Paige” soft support sports bra in color “flamingo” looks fabulous on, and also offers a cross-back mesh panel allowing for breathability and style during workouts. Perfect for Pilates and yoga or just relaxing around the house. 


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