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The cW Library: Fall 2021

The cW Library: Fall 2021

Flipping through the pages of issue 12’s featured books will unveil the possibility of a well-balanced and full life at any point in the cancer journey. Take a peek!

Dharmify by Hargobind Khalsa

In this unique life guide, Khalsa identifies the best practices for one to “get your mind right, your business tight, be a love light, so you feel alright.” It’s the sort of advice cancer warriors, thrivers and supporters can equally enjoy.

“Dharmify” is available on

Cancer R.I.P.: The Ultimate Fight by Steve Kelly

Entrepreneur and real estate developer Steve Kelly wasn’t going to let a brain cancer diagnosis stop him from living a full life. In this uplifting memoir, Kelly details how cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence and the lessons he has learned along the way to live a life of abundance.

“Cancer R.I.P.: The Ultimate Fight” is available on and

Moving Through Cancer by Dr. Kathryn Schmitz

This 21-day program and guide, developed by Kathryn Schmitz, Ph.D., MPH, FACSM, the director of the Oncology, Nutrition and Exercise group at the Penn State Cancer Institute, aims to take cancer patients from warriors to thrivers. Strength training and exercise are the core of Schmitz’s plan, things cW has detailed positively in our pages.

“Moving Through Cancer” is available wherever books are sold. 

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Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of Life Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

In love and then living in Paris, Jaouad’s post-collegiate life as a war correspondent was just about to take off when she was diagnosed with leukemia. After four years battling the disease, Jaouad was ready to move on, but as any thriver knows, the post-cancer battle can be even more complicated than the initial diagnosis. In this riveting and tender debut (which has been celebrated by esteemed authors like Elizabeth Gilbert and Kiese Laymon), Jaouad details how a 100 day, 15,000 mile road trip would change her life forever.

“Between Two Kingdoms” is available wherever books are sold. 

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