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Maximize comfy and cozy feels with Everyday Runway’s Melissa Berry’s fave sweater selections this fall season. Whether you need a trendy piece to go out on the town in or a laid-back staple for curling up on the couch, this list has it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. However, as soon as the leaves begin to change color, I crave the warmth, coziness and style of a fabulous sweater. I tasked myself to find some of the season’s best sweaters ranging from classic and elegant to trendy and fun. In my opinion, everyone should have a black turtleneck in their closet. It can be worn with jeans, your favorite pair of pants or even a skirt. 

Some sweaters are great for hunkering down at home on a cold Sunday morning with your favorite cup of coffee. Others you can take straight from the board room to a night out on the town. And of course, the comfiest and coziest ones are a great accessory for doctor appointments or time in the chemo chair. 

Then there’s everything in between. Classic turtlenecks—yes please! Long cardigans—absolutely. A chunky, oversized sweater is great to have on hand because you can throw it on with leggings to run errands and still feel super stylish. I also love an unexpected cutout on the shoulder.

These picks are just a few of my favorites that I’ve come across as of late. It was so difficult to choose only a handful, but here goes nothing:


An oversized turtleneck with a high collar can be very chic, especially when it comes to this striped wool and alpaca blend version by Zara ($89).


I must admit, my closet is an ocean of black. However, if I’m going to do color, I’ll go for red every time. It’s elegant, timeless and you can pair it with jeans or your favorite pair of black pants. I’m loving the cut-out detail on this ribbed knit ASTR sweater available on Amazon ($98).


I simply couldn’t resist this sweater/oxford shirt combo at my local Mixology boutique ($68). It’s totally too cool for school, and a very modern twist on two of my favorite classic silhouettes. 


A sweater roundup wouldn’t be complete without a long duster. This Pilcro Geo Sweater available at Anthropologie ($180) is one of those pieces that will give an instant style upgrade to a basic white T-shirt and your favorite blue jeans. Did I mention that it’s got pockets? That closed the deal for me!


Last but certainly not least, nothing makes my heart sing like the perfect black turtleneck. Can you say Audrey Hepburn? To me, this is the epitome of chic, and Madewell has a great ribbed turtleneck sweater for only $45.

That’s a recap of my favorite sweaters this season. I hope this inspires you to treat yourself to a new sweater this season so you can be warm, comfortable  AND stylish!


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