The Ultimate Gift Guide for Breast Cancer Thrivers
ultimate gift guide
‘Tis the season for gifting, but Melissa Berry’s latest column shares breast cancer thrivers’ favorite gifts for any time of the year. 

One of the things that I love most about my breast cancer community is that we love to shop! Breast cancer treatment and surgery are extremely challenging; however, there are plenty of products out there designed to make our lives just a little easier and even more beautiful.

I asked all of you to share the items that you simply couldn’t live without during your own breast cancer experience. The result? An amazing holiday survival guide! Now when someone asks you what you need, you’ve got some great ideas.

Pajamas are often overlooked because we’re not wearing them out in public. However, especially when undergoing treatment, it’s so important to pamper yourself and feel great even when you’re at home. Fellow thriver Chance Osborne said, “I love how comfortable this pajama set was (Target, $21.99). I could button it by myself with limited mobility because of how stretchy the material is. It also made having drains so much better because it wasn’t tight fitting.” 


Amy Cobbs and Ginny Shudlucky are all about hydration! They suggested this 32-ounce beauty from Hydroflask ($65).

Kelly Thomas aka @talkischeap is all about the pillows! “To me, the pillow is a must-have staple, because the need for comfort isn’t just after a mastectomy, but also after reconstruction surgeries as well. As for me, I’ve had a total of three surgeries and my pregnancy pillow has come in clutch each and every time.” Kelly loves this pregnancy pillow (Amazon, $34) and also suggests this chest pillow for the car. She recommends them to everyone!

I asked Lorelei Colbert for her go-to fashion item, and she said, “I love my Care + Wear Oscar de la Renta port sweatshirt (Care + Wear, $95). Had two!”

Another fashionista friend of mine, Andi Oller, suggests “super soft Athleta hoodies (Athleta, $108) with the holes for my hands/thumbs!”

Lisa Glenn suggested the “100 Days of Joy and Strength” journal by Candace Cameron Bure. She also added, “Honestly, just a general notebook to write down thoughts and appointments and all details of each treatment and appointment that I had.” 

As for me, the one thing that I couldn’t live without was my AnaOno “Melissa” bra (AnaOno, $49). Of course I’m partial to the one named after me, but this style is great because of the front closure and sophisticated lace racer back detail. Fashion and function! 


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