With Love and Honor
LUXXE|HONOR founder Jennifer Del Giudice’s mission is to provide access to safe and nontoxic skincare products and services to help others live a safe, peaceful and healthy life.

Jennifer Del Giudice dreams of educating the world of toxins in skincare products while providing a safe space for mindfulness practices. She has been accomplishing just that since 2014, when she founded LUXXE|HONOR, a natural skincare company coupled with wellness services located in La Grange, Illinois, just 16 miles from downtown Chicago.

Del Giudice is a registered nurse, aromatherapist and an oncology-certified esthetician. When one of her daughters was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Del Giudice’s research into the disease led her down a rabbit hole of researching toxins and preservatives in U.S. products. Appalled at what she found, she knew something had to change.

“Being a nurse and esthetician, I know that our skin is our largest organ, and whatever we’re putting on our bodies is going into our inner bodies and traveling into organs,” she says. “I believe that [can] cause all of us to get so sick, mentally and physically.” Because of this, she decided to open a location that provides healthy, organic products and stress-relieving services.

Del Giudice’s vision of creating an oasis for people to relax in a toxin- and stress-free environment quickly took on a life of its own. In addition to an all-natural skincare line of her own making, LUXXE|HONOR offers services such as facials, massages and reiki, as well as fitness and mindfulness classes to all. “[I want] people to look at this space as self-care and not a luxury; it’s all about prevention instead of reaction to stress,” Del Giudice says.

Del Giudice’s wide variety of products — from deodorants to body oils to sprays and more — are made with essential oils such as frankincense, lavender and eucalyptus. “I learned that there are 1,300 preservatives or toxins, according to the European Union, that are banned in Europe [but] allowed in our American products,” explains Del Giudice. “It led me on this path of wanting to get out there nationally and educate people on not only toxins in the food and toxins in the air, but also toxins in products.”

She’s also passionate about working with cancer warriors and thrivers, and because she’s oncology-certified, she makes sure that each one of her products and services are approved for cancer patients. “I did go through oncology special training to be an oncology esthetician,” says Del Giudice. “[Cancer warriors can] come in and just breathe in those oils, take some breaths, take some mindfulness classes; even learning how to breathe or to meditate would be really good for any cancer patient.”

LUXXE|HONOR offers individuals an option to invest in a monthly subscription to its services to promote the habit of practicing mindfulness and relaxation on a monthly basis, according to Del Giudice. Members who purchase a subscription are offered one free massage, facial or reiki service per month and are also offered discounts on products and fitness classes.

When LUXXE|HONOR first opened, one of Del Giudice’s clients was a cancer warrior who had just had a mastectomy and wanted to use only clean products. And she is still a member today, Del Giudice says. She’s still a stressed out attorney in downtown Chicago, but when she visits LUXXE|HONOR for a class, a facial, reiki treatment or massage, her whole mindset changes into one of peace and relaxation, Del Giudice explains. 

“When you’re happy, I believe [that] through meditation and self-care, you’re going to be in the right mindset and you’re going to react better to stressors. We’re always going to have stressors in our life, but it’s just how we react,” says Del Giudice. Another cancer warrior client of Del Giudice’s uses and loves her essential oil roll-on that’s meant to uplift and relax the mind, made from plants such as frankincense, grapefruit and geranium.

When you’re happy, I believe [that] through meditation and self-care, you’re going to be in the right mindset and you’re going to react better to stressors.

In the long run, Del Giudice wants to help people find the healthiest version of themselves, both mentally and physically, while giving back to the cancer community.

“Cancer [warriors] are really special to me,” she says. “I would love to [create] a foundation where cancer patients and their caregivers can come in and receive a free service. I’d love to offer discounts for those suffering, because they deserve it so much. I’d love for them to come into a space that’s so beautiful and calming.”

Del Giudice’s outlook on the future of LUXXE|HONOR is bright, with a goal of opening more locations so that more individuals will be able to indulge in the experience of a stress-free and mindful environment. “I want to be known as not only a healing center, but also a skincare center, because, being an esthetician, I love skin, [and] I really think people should be taking care of their skin,” she says. “I want to continue to create beautiful blends here in the studio, [open] up healing centers [and educate people] on products and mindfulness workshops and facials. That would be my dream.”


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