Wrap Yourself up in Luxury
Melissa Berry
This month's Everyday Runway column by Melissa Berry features her top choices in robes so that we all can feel cozy and pampered this fall.

There is nothing like wrapping yourself up in a luxurious robe after a long day. But for many of us, new loungewear is simply not a priority when it comes to refreshing our wardrobe. Instead, we tend to focus on the fashion we wear in the outside world: the confidence-boosting outfit for the board meeting. The sultry dress we’re saving for date night. The perfect-fitting pair of jeans to run our errands. 

Don’t get me wrong, these items are certainly important. But let’s take a moment to focus on feeling beautiful at home. Whether you’ve had a rough day at work, or you’ve spent the day in back-to-back doctor appointments, there’s nothing better than walking through that door and slipping into something comfortable, yet stylish!

We all have that favorite pair of sweatpants and the old college sweatshirt, but why not treat yourself to something comfortable (as well as fashion-forward) to help you feel fun and fabulous while lounging around the house? I did the legwork for you here — check out my suggestions and see how much fun shopping for robes can be!

Feathers Are a Girl’s Best Friend

You can’t possibly be in a bad mood when wearing this satin robe with feather accents on the sleeves by Prodesign ($41.99). It’s such a fun robe to wear while applying makeup or just enjoying a cup of coffee before the day begins.

Kimono Heaven

This Babeyond kimono ($29.99) is timeless elegance at its very best, with its vibrant floral design and perfect fit. Perfect for a quiet night in!

Such A Classic 

If you prefer a classic white bathrobe, this one’s for you! I’m loving this one from Parachute ($109). It’s super soft and comfy so be prepared to feel seriously pampered!

Pretty In Pink

This gorgeous AnaOno “Miena” robe ($68) is one of my all-time favorites, because it’s incredibly soft and washes beautifully. It also makes a fantastic gift when you don’t know what to get for that friend who has everything.

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of fun-yet-functional robes for you to enjoy this season and all year long. For more fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health tips feel free to follow me on Instagram at @cancerfashionista. Happy shopping!


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