No Booze, No Problem
We’ve rounded up worthy substitutes for your go-to drink choices, from beer to rosé, that have zero—yes, zero—alcohol.

Have you ever thought about extending your Dry January for another month, or even for a whole year? Making the long-term switch to non-boozy beverages can seem daunting, but going alcohol-free has its own appeal, too.

According to the American Cancer Society, the more alcohol you drink, the higher risk you have of developing certain cancers, such as breast, mouth, throat, liver or colon. The good news is that IWSR Drinks Market Analysis expects the low/no alcohol drinks market to grow 34 percent globally between 2020 and 2024, making the jump to alcohol-free drinks that much easier. As the trend grows, so do your options!

Heineken 0.0

Most alcohol-free beers still have a small amount of alcohol, making Heineken 0.0 a game changer. Formulated with the typical Heineken lager ingredients with alcohol carefully removed, this 0 percent ABV brewski doesn’t sacrifice taste.

Curious Elixirs’ No. 1 (Negroni)

For cocktail connoisseurs, mocktails are your new friend. Try Curious Elixirs’ No. 1, the non-alcoholic craft cocktail company’s twist on a Negroni. Botanicals replace booze as the drink is infused with adaptogens to boost your energy and fight inflammation, a leading cause of cancer. All you have to do is pour.

GHIA’s Apéritif

Liqueur and dinner—hold the liqueur? Inspired by Mediterranean Aperitivo culture, you can enjoy sweet sips without the spirits with GHIA’S apéritif. The vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free potion pairs perfectly with a bubbly mixer and features herbs and botanicals galore

Töst Rosé

Still want to participate in “rosé all day?” Töst cures any FOMO with its all-natural dry palate that carries hints of fruity flavoring. Topped off with a rich pink presentation, you can have rosé without the daze.


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